Where to Find Artwork

Users with a large collection and access to a high quality printer may wish to print their own artwork, or make their own custom artwork based on original sources. Below are a few resources for finding your own artwork, as well as how to resize the artwork to fit our cases.

The Cover Project (TCP)

You can find many scans of box art for many systems, not just the kind we sell cases for. Most art on TCP was designed for a "Universal Game Case" style, which requires some resizing (instructions below). You can search for art in the upper right, or go alphabetically through the links on the left. Sometimes art may not be on the main page, but it could be found in the forums.

The Cover Project Forums (Link)


SegaRetro is a source for some harder to find scans of Sega Genesis titles. While The Cover Project has the vast majority, occasionally the art can be found on SegaRetro but not TCP. This art sometimes will need significant touch-up as these scans may come from heavily damaged or faded cases.


Sizing Artwork for Our Cases

Most artwork on The Cover Project is designed for the Universal Game Case size. While that art will fit in our cases, the art will not be as wide as our cases, mostly due to the UGC using a narrower spine. Here are instructions (and a Photoshop Actions script) for resizing and printing artwork sourced from The Cover Project and Sega Retro.

Game Boy/Advance

Most GB/GBA artwork is sized for the official Nintendo DS case size, which is the exact same size used for our cases and will not require any adjustment.

GB/GBA artwork has a width of 10.93 inches. This can be printed if your printer supports borderless 8.5x11 printing, but most printers do not support borderless printing on that size. We recommend using Legal Size (8.5x14) paper with the artwork oriented in landscape mode, which most home printers will support.


Set the image dimensions to 10.7 inches wide and 6.75 inches tall.

Genesis art can generally be printed on regular letter size (8.5x11) paper, as long as your printer is able to print with a margin of 0.15 inches or less. If your printer cuts off the edges, you will need to use Legal Size (8.5x14) paper.

Nintendo/Super Nintendo/Nintendo 64

The final size should be 11.453 x 6.937 inches. Simply adjusting the artwork to these dimensions will give you a passable result, but you may have issues where the front and back artwork are slightly intruding upon the spine. We have a automation script for Photoshop which can help resize a Universal Game Case scan to fit our cases more accurately.

Artwork for these cases cannot be done on letter sized (8.5x11) paper. For home use, this generally requires the use of Legal sized paper (8.5x14 instead of 8.5x11).

Click here to download our UGC to CGC resize script for Photoshop

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