About Gaming Relics

Gaming Relics, LLC started after discovering Universal Game Cases (UGCs), a novel way to store and protect your old retro video games, with an aesthetic like the old video rental store days. However, UGCs were not a high quality product, and the one size fits all design meant cartridges would slide around inside, and putting a manual in the case would often lead to the case popping open from the extra thickness.

Instead of offering UGCs, we found alternative higher end products that are designed to fit a specific system with each case. Our cases securely clip in your cartridges without any room to wiggle around. The cases are thick enough that you can store your manuals (even thick manuals like those found with Dragon Warrior or Final Fantasy 3), and our Nintendo 64 cases even have a space for your memory cards. With this secure design, we also use a dark plastic to add contrast to the art placed behind the clear, texture-less, glossy sleeve. The end product is a stunning case that lets you show off your collection while also keeping it safe.

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