Now you can play Lennus 2: The Apostles of the Seals localized in English on your real Super Nintendo!  The first game was originally released in English under the title "Paladin's Quest", but the sequel never received an official localization.  The game offers a battery backed save function and the battery has been tested.  In the future if the battery dies, the board was designed to be able to easily replace the battery without any soldering required.

The game has been tested on the following:
✔️ NTSC-US region Super Nintendo
✔️ Retron 5
✔️ Analogue Super Nt

The above consoles have been tested to play a copy of the game for the first 30 minutes.  Each cartridge is also tested for basic functionality and save game retention.  If the battery dies in the future, the battery is setup to be easily replaced without any soldering.

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Lennus 2 / Paladin's Quest 2: The Apostles of the Seals (English)

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