** This is made from a PROTOTYPE version of the game.  It contains some graphical glitches and minor bugs **

Now you can play Special Tee Shot, a game that never came out in the US, but was later used as the basis for Kirby's Dream Course.  This is based on a working prototype of the game that was unreleased, not the Satellaview version from Japan.  The game is fully playable but does have minor bugs and graphical glitches.  Specifically, long shots which scroll while also having significant height changes will cause some parts of the play field to disappear and reveal the background.  This happens after you've setup your shot so it does not affect the ability to aim and hit the ball.  These glitched areas can be forced to refresh by scrolling the camera.  These bugs may not always happen on emulators, but will happen on real hardware when using a reproduction cart or a SD2SNES flash cartridge.

The game has been tested on the following:
✔️ NTSC-US region Super Nintendo Console
✔️ Analogue Super Nt console
❓ Retron 5 emulator based console *

* Due to inconsistencies found between different releases of the Retron 5, we cannot guarantee the game will work on the console.  We do not recommend buying it if that is the system you intend to play on.

Each cartridge is put through an automated test before shipping which validates the data on the cartridge and tests that save data can be written and read back properly if save functionality is in the game.  We offer a no hassle return or exchange policy if you encounter any problems.

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Special Tee Shot (PROTOTYPE, See Description)

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