This is a custom 3D printed stand for displaying Sega Genesis and Sega Mega Drive cartridges.  The stand can be ordered in different colors, and in a different sizes.  For an additional charge, we can also provide customized text on the front plate.

The starting size is 3." Tall, 4.5" Wide, and 1.75" Deep.  Each additional cartridge increases the height by 1.375" and depth by 0.875".  This height includes the height of a standard Genesis cartridge in the uppermost slot of the stand.

These products are custom made and 3D printed.  This means they are not perfectly smooth like a mass produced injection mold, and do have very minor lines when viewed closely, but we do print at a fine detail of 0.2mm per layer.  The layer seam is placed on the back corner to make it easily hidden unless you are looking at it from behind.

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Genesis / Mega Drive Game Display Stand

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