This is a custom 3D printed stand for displaying Sega Game Gear cartridges.  The stand is offered in multiple colors, and in a different sizes.  You can also pick a separate color for the text.  If you would like customized text instead of "Game Gear" please contact us and we can provide a customized version for $2 extra.

The following are the stand dimensions based on how many cartridges. These dimensions include the height of a standard cartridge in the topmost slot:
2 Carts - 3.5" Tall, 1.75" Deep
4 Carts - 5.25" Tall, 3" Deep
6 Carts - 7" Tall, 4.25" Deep
8 Carts - 8.75" Tall, 5.5" Deep
10 Carts - 10.5" Tall, 6.75" Deep
All stands are 5.5" Wide, holding 2 cartridges per row.

These products are custom made and 3D printed.  This means they are not perfectly smooth like a mass produced injection mold, and do have very minor lines when viewed closely, but we do print at a fine detail of 0.2mm per layer.  The layer seam is placed on the back corner to make it easily hidden unless you are looking at it from behind.

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Sega Game Gear Game Display Stand

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