All cases are back in stock and shipping immediately. Game Gear cases coming soon!

2021 Delay

Updated June 10, 2021:

Our restock has arrived.  We will be picking it up and bringing it back to our store on June 11.  All existing orders will be shipped out on or before Monday, June 14th.

Updated June 6, 2021:

We will be leaving to pick up our inventory during the week of June 7-11.  No orders will be shipped until we return.  It is our hope that all backorders will be shipped out by June 14th.

Original information:

We are currently out of stock of everything except for Nintendo NES and Sega Genesis cases.  Due to COVID, we have seen an extreme increase in demand, and inventory was wiped out much faster than we could replace it.  Our ordering process generally takes about 3 months from the order being placed, to it being manufactured, shipped by sea, and ready for pickup.  Unfortunately even though this order was made in February, production delays meant it did not ship until mid April.

At this time we are told that the shipment will arrive in port on May 30th (waiting for confirmation if this happened).  It then needs to clear customs and move from the shipyard to a warehouse for pickup.  This generally takes about a week, but due to the arrival happening on Memorial Day weekend, it may take longer than normal.

Any orders containing cases for Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, or Gameboy (or Gameboy Advance) cases will ship out as soon as we have the cases in our possession.  Orders are still being printed and trimmed immediately, and the expectation is that all orders will ship within 48 hours of our restock arriving.